Taxidermy Hall – Cinematic Stewardess.

Ahh back once again! Today’s tasty morsel of sonic discovery comes from a New Zealand dude (by way of New York and Melbourne) Rob Dickens, better known as Taxidermy Hall. Now, even though he is technically a Kiwi, in true Australian tradition I’m claiming this guy as an Aussie and including him on this blog. Now that we have sorted that we can address the giant taxidermy elephant in the room being this track, and how you need to wrap your ear balls around it asap.

There are some lovely laid back vibes on this tune, something about it reminds me of Summer and Autumn at the same time.  Dickens’ vocal style has an understated melancholy that works with the warm and organic tones and spacy guitar to create a very alluring sound. The subtle synth sounds and dreamy backing vocals punctuate the track and add just enough to lift the chorus. Every element of the track seems to blend together sonically and melodically to create a seamless wave of sound.



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