Website Concepts

These are the latest website concepts. As you can see they have a very organic feel , i like the use of the distinctly Australian bush in the background. I spoke with Liam and the germinate crew about using some bird calls in the Announcement , i think it would be good to try and capture the sound of the bush to tie in with the visuals.


Website Concepts

Some of the First Website concepts came through. I have been working closely with the web designer Andy and the germinate crew and we have talked about making the website seem organic and playing around with themes of nature. I am going to experiment with incorporating some organic sounds into the sonic logo, or perhaps the website buttons could have a woody tone to them……back to work.

Production Begins: Free Audio Resourses

I have began developing the Announcement For germinate to Be played over the P.A . I will be creating the Announcement in Logic Pro, I have chosen to use logic because I plan to use some synthesis and logic has some great synths, also logic has a handy ‘bounce in place’ feature that allows you to bounce down several audio files into a single track and manipulate them as one. To make the sonic logo stand out i plan to layer many elements so this feature will come in handy.  The concept i am going with so far is the idea of the sun rising and powering up the Germinate rig to produce music. I also want to capture the vibe of being at a festival.


Free Audio websites:

Audiotuts – great free tutorials for logic and other DAW’s

GearSlutz – An audio forum with a large community. The great thing about using programs like logic is that if you are having a problem some one else has probably experienced it as well and figures out how to fix it. This site is a great resource for those situations


Here are a couple of resources that i use to source sounds :

Freesound – a great  free website where users can upload and share sounds

Stephan Schutze -A great free sound library , down load the client and check it out if thats your sort of thing

Sonic Branding Agenceys

Several Sonic branding Agencies have sprung up over the last few years here are some of them.

Audio Brain – Have done sonic branding for Xbox 360, and McDonalds. They state:

Audiobrain’s unique expertise in sonic branding, strategic planning, and original composition by our six award-winning composers, paired with our full understanding of sound design, editing, mastering, music licensing, coding, and high end implementation places Audiobrain in a category all its own

Sonic Boom – On their website they state:

Since sound is such a powerful memory trigger and influences how customers respond to products and services, our challenge at boom is to ensure that your sonic brand is memorable, meaning laden and uniquely yours. Just as important, it needs to be inherently scalable, expandable enough to be woven into underscores for broadcast messaging when needed or distilled to its essence in the case of ring-tone use.

Designed and used correctly (everywhere you can, every time you can), the sonic brand can help your company reinforce its top of mind awareness and effectively brand even the shortest of sound enabled marketing interactions.

(Note their website features some nice sounds for buttons and a nice intro)

Sonic ID -Sonic ID is a sonic branding and identity firm with offices in the US and UK. They state:

We design brand-based identities and experiences in sound. Our work stirs emotions, influences behavior, strengthens perceptions and boosts brand value.

(Their website features some interesting button sounds although I find them a little to loud and over powering)


I have been listening to the work of all these companies and reading their views on how sonic branding can strengthen a brand

Sonic Logos

Sonic Logos are the audio equivalent of a regular logo. You may be familiar with Intel Sonic Logo. Sonic logos are effective because they are a short sound that can be used across multiple mediums. for the Germinate Project i will be creating a sonic logo that will be featured in an announcement ,that will be played ofer the P.A at gigs, and on the website. I have been researching sonic logos and i have found some studies that suggest that shorter and logos are more memorable. It is also important to have something that sounds unique so not to be confused with any other brands. Here are some examples of sonic logos.